The Importance of a Clean Workplace

Published on 1 November 2022 at 15:14

Allbright Systems is a professional cleaning company that specializes in helping
businesses keep their workplace clean. We know that customer retention, increased
productivity, dependable employees, and safety are all blocks in the foundation of a
successful business. We see a link between these blocks and a clean workplace. Now,
we want to share what we know with you.


The Importance of a Clean Workplace

Retaining Customers

At Allbright Systems, we recognize how a clean workplace can help with customer
retention. First impressions are extremely important. A clean appearance gives the
impression of a competent business. This allows customers to feel secure with their

With that many Americans looking at cleanliness, Allbright Systems takes great pride in
helping businesses retain customers through cleanliness.

● 92% of Americans said cleanliness is an important factor when deciding if they will be repeat customers. 

Increases Productivity

Allbright Systems knows that cleanliness increases productivity because it allows
employees to stay focused and on task with a positive attitude. A clean workplace will
also lead to employees being more satisfied with their job while having less stress and

Allbright Systems finds great pleasure in helping businesses be more productive by
keep their workplace fresh and clean, so employees can stay focused, on task, and
satisfied with a positive attitude and less stress and anxiety.

● Employees in a clean environment
are 15% more productive than those in a messy one, and more likely to stay
focused and on task.
Apollo Technical

● Employees in a clean environment
are more likely to be satisfied with their job and have a positive attitude.
Apollo Technical

●  Cluttered workspace increased stress and anxiety levels in employees.

Less Sick Days

Allbright Systems understands how cleaning promotes a healthy work environment
which will allow employees to be more dependable. Dust is a leading cause of allergy
and asthma attacks. Most people do not realize that up to ten-million bacteria live on the average desk or counter top at any given time. We do. We also know that door
handles are the biggest health risk in any business, and that viruses left on surfaces by
dirty hands can affect a person up to 24 hours later. 

Any of these things have the potential to make employees sick and miss work.
Healthier employees are more dependable.

Allbright Systems takes great satisfaction in helping employees be more dependable by
cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing their workplace.

●  Employees exposed to a clean workplace took an average of 24% less sick days.
Apollo Technical


Allbright Systems knows that a clean workplace is safer for customers and employees
because it prevents fires, slips, and falls. Dust is a fire hazard that could potentially be
a huge expense for a business.

Dust build up on floors, debris, stains, and spills are among some of the leading causes
of slips and falls that cause injury. For a business, this could be injury to a customer or
employee. If a customer or employee is injured due to one of these preventable
circumstances, then the business could be found negligent and have to pay

Allbright Systems professionals enjoy helping businesses keep their workplace safe by
keeping them dust, debris, stain, and spill free.


Dust accumulation of 1/32 of an inch covering at least 5% of a rooms surface poses a significant explosion hazard.
National Fire Protection Agency

Slips and falls account for over
one-million hospital emergency room visits and 12% of total falls.
National Floor Safety Institute

● Slips and falls are the leading cause of workers compensation claims.
National Floor Safety Institute

Allbright Systems helps business be successful by providing them with a clean
workplace. We believe that a clean workplace will increase customer retention and
employee productivity. We also believe that keeping a workplace clean, disinfected,
and sanitized will allow for healthier more dependable employees. We know that a clean
workplace will provide a safer environment for customers and employees.

Slips and Falls

By Stacy Renfro

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